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Moissanite Rings Are The Best For Engagement Rings

The one gem that has the qualities of fire, prowess, and glory that even goes beyond the allurement of diamonds is the moissanite gem. When you look at it under the sunlight, you will be pleased by how it shines when the light falls on it. You are guaranteed that if you ask your bride to marry you using this gem, she will undoubtedly say yes.


Moissanite is resistant to scratching and chipping and even the usual wear and tear this is because it was made of the grounds hardest materials like carbon and silicon. The name of this gem is silicon carbide. This gem was discovered more than fifty years ago by a meteorite that slammed into the ground. Tiny particles of the substance went into the air and researchers have been studying it since. After many years of research, it becomes possible to have a significant amount of moissanite they started using it to make jewelry. Professionals in the field of gemstones found out that moissanite could shine more than diamonds and they could purchase it at a lower price.


  The beauty of the unique engagement rings comes from the fact that it has several good qualities that you can see. The moissanite gem can be bought looking colorless, or it can have a little tint in the color of your choice. You can get a moissanite engagement ring in several shapes for example round, oval, triangle, heart shape, pear-shaped, octagon, marquise, princesses cuts or even antique cuts.


  Sometimes people think that it is effortless to get moissanite because silicon carbide is a very common abrasive. This reasoning can be correct but what you should know is that moissanite is produced from one crystal silicon which is not easy to create if you compare with products made from silicon carbide powder. Moissanite is not an imitation of the real diamond. A moissanite gem already has characters that other gemstones have to go to a lab to have them. The manufacturing of the moissanite is a secret only known by the people who produce it and since making it is not an easy task, so it is just made by one company in the world. To know more about the advantages of Moisannite engagement rings, visit


  If the person you plan on marrying has to work with water get them the moissanite engagement ring because it does not get destroyed like other gems. This fact makes it the second hardest stone after diamond. Moissanite is not a cubic zirconia even if we don't classify it as a diamond. When you get this moissanite rings for your bride, it is sure to turn heads, and it can be passed down to your other generation for many years.